Conquer the Three Big Impediments to Mobile App Adoption

Posted by on Monday, May 22, 2017 in Apps 101

Historically, there have been three huge impediments that have prevented businesses and organizations from adopting a mobile app strategy:

  • Cost
  • Development time
  • Significant training and operation expenses


Building a custom mobile app is rather costly.  The general consensus is that custom apps typically cost anywhere from $20,000 to $80,000, depending on the complexity of the project and the number of design modifications that take place during the course of the project.  It is not uncommon to start out with a vision of what the app should look like only to realize that the design is not going to achieve the desired objectives.  Every change involves time and money and it is very easy to blow a budget apart in no time at all.  Most apps are designed to push information to the customer.  When the desire for two-way communication is added into the mix, the complexity of the project increases by several orders of magnitude.  For many businesses custom development of a mobile app is simply cost prohibitive.


The time it takes to deploy a mobile app depends on the complexity of the design and the capabilities of the app developer.  Typically this can run from a few months to ten months and beyond  By the time an app is completed and ready to be published, long lead times can render the app outdated or even useless.  Small businesses in particular do not have the luxury of making a mistake.  They have to get the app right the first time and they cannot afford a long lead time.


Assuming that a business can only afford to dedicate a single person to deal with the ongoing maintenance of the app, there should be at least a second person who is also cross-trained to fill in if the primary person is unavailable.  The cost for training can be considerable if the people available for assignment to such duties are not natively proficient in such work.  Furthermore, if the design of the app is such that only the developer can maintain it, the ongoing expense may be a deal-breaker for smaller businesses.   The inability to keep the app up-to-date in real time may be an obstacle to adoption as well.  There is no point in having an app if you cannot use it to respond quickly whenever you want to add content or communicate with your customers about an idea or urgent issue.

We looked at this problem and decided that the only way to overcome the impediments was to reduce the complexity involved in developing a custom mobile app.  It was a bold, ambitious idea but oftentimes that is exactly what it takes to move from problem to solution.  Our solution: develop a platform that could deliver customizable mobile apps without having to reinvent the wheel for every new app.

We call our platform a hub system, because the user customizations are attached to a central mobile app engine.  Users add the features they need as they need them and they don’t need an app developer to do it.  We empower users to operate and maintain the app with minimal effort.  We made it ridiculously easy to add content and control how that content is delivered.  And we publish your mobile app to the Android and Apple stores.

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