TwoVie Hub – General Applications

A Versatile Mobile App Platform

When you decide to harness the communication power of a customizable mobile app, TwoVie Hub is the best starting point for most people. It is a completely versatile platform that can be adapted to almost any use case. Whether you own a property management company, manage a bowling league or are the proprietor of a retail business or restaurant, TwoVie can be customized to provide an optimized flow of information between you and your clients or users.

Here are several examples of how TwoVie Hub enhanced communications for very different business cases.

Bowling League

This bowling league secretary was struggling to use Facebook as a tool to communicate with league members. By adopting TwoVie, he was able to:

  • Share notices about upcoming special events
  • Post a calendar of important league dates
  • Send push notifications about weekly raffle ticket winners in real time
  • Link to the hosted application that held weekly league results and statistics
  • Link to Google maps to help league members select the best traffic route each night

As a result, league communications were enhanced in ways that made the flow of information seamless and league members had a one-stop place to get all of the information they needed.

Event Management

Hosting an event every three months requires a lot of communication with attendees, vendors and sponsors. SMB TechFest decided to deploy TwoVie to put as much information as possible about the event in the hands of all participants before, during and after the events. Here are the major items that were shared:

  • The event calendar
  • The agenda for each event
  • The speakers list and their biographic information
  • Links to all sponsors and their websites
  • Push notifications to remind everyone when each activity is about to start
  • Participant surveys about their event experience and suggestions for future event topics

With each event they find new ways to add additional functionality and they have improved their ability to manage the flow of information more efficiently.

IT Consultant

There are many tools available for IT consultants to use when managing computers and networks. Those tools are technically focused and don’t typically provide a vibrant way to communicate with clients and their staff. Ranvest added TwoVie as the missing piece in that equation because its focus is communication. Here are some of the ways they use TwoVie.

News bulletins are composed in Word and then seamlessly imported into the content app through a drag-and-drop widget, which automatically format them for a mobile-responsive presentation. By including links to external websites, important information is provided to clients in a format that provides quick access with just a couple of taps on their smartphones. This has been particularly useful to alert clients to malware attacks as they are discovered. Clients are also informed about specific software updates or end-of-life options for acquiring additional licenses before needed products become unavailable.

Links to web pages that discuss new technology that can be adopted to solve specific business issues make it easy for clients to learn about potential solutions whenever they have a moment to do so. There is no need to search for an email message that contains that information. It is simply in the palm of their hand and available at the tap of a link.

Using the wide-ranging capabilities of the Smart Connect micro app module, Ranvest has made is extremely simple for clients to send an alert regarding specific issues that they might encounter. At the tap of a link, clients can report problems such as an Internet outage, a printer malfunction, a VOIP phone service disruption, a server down incident and much more. These Smart Connect buttons are programmed to send the alert to management and also to the specific technician(s) who are assigned to work on the issue or who support a specific client.

Property Management

The owner of this office building chose TwoVie to communicate with three specific audiences: potential tenants, existing tenants and building staff. Here is what he accomplished.

Potential tenants can use the app to see which suites are available to rent, the size of each suite and the floor plan.

The photo gallery gives potential tenants a feel for the quality of the suites and the way the building is professionally maintained to a high standard.

Existing tenants can now be informed of maintenance schedules, unexpected issues and other important news in real time very efficiently through news bulletins and push notifications.

Perhaps the most innovative use of the app was the QR Code module. Every security inspection point now has a QR Code and the building security personnel must scan every code every night when locking down the building. They can add notes about anything that requires attention at any reporting point. A security and maintenance report is ready for the owner first thing every morning and maintenance tasks are sent automatically to the maintenance staff when they arrive each day.

The owner has also used the Smart Connect microapp to program events that staff can report with the tap of a button emergency situations such as a fire, water damage, intruder and more, with automatic notification of the correct emergency responders and staff members.